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Baptisms are very special occasions, being most often associated with the joy and celebration that follows the birth of a baby.


At Saint Mark's we commonly baptise babies and young children (sometimes known as christening), but we also gladly baptise people of all ages who have not previously been baptised.

The origins of baptism can be traced back to when Jesus was himself baptised in the River Jordan at the start of his ministry.

Baptism symbolises a new beginning. When someone is baptised, that person is made a member of Christ's church, and takes his or her place as a representative of Jesus Christ to the world.

Through baptism, the person declares his or her commitment to following and serving Jesus, and asks for God's grace and support.

Baptism is also a way of affirming God's love, and recognising that we are accepted and loved unconditionally by him.

When a baptism is of a baby or child, the baptised receives the love and shared faith of the family, and the promise that he or she will be brought up to know and love Jesus.




Laying on of Hands


The Anglican Church teaches that a person can only be baptised once in their lifetime.

For someone who has already been christened or baptised but who wants to confirm and/or renew their commitment, we offer a Laying on of Hands for Confirmation or Renewal.

Baptisms and Laying on of Hands always take place during our public Sunday worship services. This enables the Saint Mark's congregation to welcome and support the newly baptised person, as well as giving them the opportunity to renew their own faith in Jesus and commitment to his teachings.



If you are interested in having your baby or child baptised at Saint Mark's, or if you would like to be baptised yourself or receive the Laying on of Hands, please contact the church office to find out more.



Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them;
for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs

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